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Communicative English

SCommunicative English, as the name suggests is a language oriented course. The primary function of any language is to communicate and English is the global language of communication. It eases overseas interaction and mixing of various cultures with different languages. English can be one common mode of communication i.e., Lingua Franca (a term used for a language used to connect populations speaking vernaculars that are not mutually intelligible). Even within India, there is such diversity in language that almost every state has their unique language but the language English allows interaction amongst such groups. Not only this but English is an official language in many countries of the world including India. Every employer prefers employees who have a good command over the language. Due to the importance given to it, many people feel inadequate for their inability to converse in English. It also impacts our confidence and self- esteem. The fact that we don’t feel comfortable in using may act to our disadvantage in our professional, social and even our personal lives.
Our course offers facilitation to learn English as a foreign language, taking the student through the smallest of steps of learning a completely new language, encompassing each skill like reading, listening, writing and finally speaking. This course is different from a Spoken English course because it offers more only learning to speak. The understanding that an individual will only gain the confidence to speak after he has acquired the ability to read, comprehend and write makes it unique. Each skill will be slowly nurtured with maximum participation from students and encouragement from teachers. The method of improvement is only constructive feedback and not criticism. Criticism can harm a student’s self-respect or self-esteem. With this insight and approach, we have developed modules which strengthen each skill steadily and stably. The interactive techniques and activity based learning that makes learning easy, fun and long lasting.
The course will not only help individuals learn a language but also build their personality. A major part of building one’s personality is being vocal about one’s opinions. Working of this ability is like working on one’s personality. Thus, the Communicative English program enhances communication and also nurtures the ingredients to be confident, vocal and successful. .




Noun 1

Vocab basic(body parts)     Novel name

Noun 2







 Newspaper reading


Newspaper reading, words from the novel

Adverbs (9,10)

Vocab, synonym, antonym


Idioms, similes, one word substitution


Idioms, similes, one word substitution


Idioms, similes, one word substitution

Articles (16)

Idioms, similes, one word substitution


Idioms, similes, one word substitution

Test Grammar




Subject, Predicate and object

Writing activity + Daily diary entry

Subject verb agreement

My family, myself, my school life, college life etc

Subject verb agreement(2-5)


Active Passive

Story building activities

Active Passive


Direct Indirect Speech(3,4)


Gerund (5)


Test 2




Role plays

One act plays

Listening, Comprehension

Story telling