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Our competent and compassionate team has worked round the clock to
sincerely adopt these principles in their daily life and manifest them while teaching too. Furthermore, teachers will continuously work toward inculcating these values into students too.


  • UNLEARNING AND RELEARNING Unlearning is filtering out knowledge or information which is baseless or obsolete in order to prepare the mind to be open to new knowledge. Relearning on the other hand involves critically analyzing any information before accepting it to be true.UNICUS facilitates these processes through discussion and debate
    COGNITIVE EXPANSION Under this module of UNICUS, we are working on a technique called CORPUSTECH, which will focus on enhancing the capacity of the student’s thinking process through different types of practical activities and exercises. Cognitive expansion, through CORPUSTECH, will be focusing on Vedic and Natural Science, Physical Vitality and most importantly on mental health for boosting the brain. This module will work on learning aspects, memory and the different techniques to strengthen the mind to work/learn with utmost efficiency.

    COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH Our course offers facilitation to learn English as a foreign language, taking the student through the smallest steps of learning a completely new language, encompassing each skill like reading, listening, writing and finally speaking. It will also add to the personality of an individual.
    KNOW YOU BODY – MIND The body and mind are interlinked with each other. Understanding the body can increase the function of the mind and understanding the mind can increase the efficiency of the body. UNICUS helps us to achieve a balance between the body and the mind, through right amounts of nutrition and exercise.