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In the year 2005 we started as PG service provider and after 2 years experience found out that 80 percent of the students are not able to achieve their academic goals. We researched and found out that along with a good institute and teachers a student need to self study as well be. Gurmarg provides the perfect kind of environment that is needed for self study, we give modern and study facilitate furniture, hygienic and healthy food with plenty of variety made by professionals,24*7 internet connectivity  as internet is an optimal resource for aspiring autodidacts, security ,discipline,  counselling and guidance for times when you feel under pressure. All these services work together help you to have a successful and hopefully enjoyable experience at Gurmarg Our goal is to make institute, students and parents satisfied


·         Our main goal is to provide best residential facilities and a healthy environment

·         Education coordinator( To coordinate with teacher parent and institute and to check the study schedule of student and to solve other learning problems)

·         Hygienic and homely food made by professional

·         Food manager( to check the quality of food and to provide timely food and food according to the no. of calories and other nutrients that are required by the student) 

·         Study facilitate furniture

·         Regular and Luxurious rooms

·         Single and twin sharing

·         24*7 internet connectivity

·         Caretaker for students

·         Student counselling

·         Centralized hostel and admission office for boys and girls separately


       Admission support

       Qualified counselling staff to support institute admission

       Feedback of students

       Transportation and guest rooms for parents during admissions

       Free food for parents during admissions

       Special Staff to guide first years  students for three months to encourage them

       Experienced staff to deal with parents with additional patience for first few months

Please give us the contact no. of the admission head so we can arrange a meeting




                                             Email: Gurmarg @gmail.com