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Nurturing and Shaping Talent– Because, your Talent determines what you can do. Your Motivation  determines how much you are willing to do and your Attitude determines how well you do it. Success comes when you learn the art of balancing your ATM.

Enhance Capacity through dedicated team–We encourage students to engage and evolve. Because, all of us may not have equal talent but all of us will have equal opportunity. Our expert team helps you to transform ordinary things into extraordinary opportunity.

Teacher-student bonding– No significant learning can occur without significant teacher-student bonding and effective  and positive relations. Gurmarg faculties are groomed to ensure this critical aspect is observed throughout the tenure of the student and beyond. 

Art of Writing Answer– Knowledge  of course matters, but what matters most is how you translate your knowledge in writing on paper.  Writing is not merely penning down your thoughts; rather it is an art, which will set you apart from- being  “winner” to average performer though you intelligence level may be same. Our expert team will help you on this crucial aspect which can be improved by focused guidance and with constant practice.

Best Study Material –At Gurmarg, our guiding principle is “don’t study to earn rather study to learn” . We too learn and grow with our students.  The more we learn the better we understand student’s requirement. With this ideology, we develop and design relevant study materials.

Mock tests –Tests that are designed typically imitating the pattern of the IAS examinations. Such tests accustom a student to the pattern and enhance speed and efficiency.

Speed Up Tests –Tests that are set with the same number of questions as the IAS examination but with a reduced time limit to make students habituated of finishing on time.


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