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We began our journey in 2005 as career-concerned Educare Organization serving primarily those students who appear in various competitive tests. Our keen and critical observations over a decade revealed that 90-95% of these students failed to clear these tests, shattering entire family’s hope, devastating them through financial losses, nervous / emotional traumas, and losses of most critical time in the life of the student.
With the wealth of experience acquired during the journey through critical researches, we understood the reasons of failures these students:

  • The entire coaching system has become brutal machine whose sole objective is to make money.
  • Students coming to Chandigarh from far flung areas need full support for caring and comfortable study environment while pursuing study. They also require support for wellbeing and healthy living.

We believe in the fundamental dignity of each individual. We trust that educational excellence helps to develop understanding, reasoning and thinking skills. It also instills a life-long appreciation for learning and fosters a sense of moral and ethical behavior. Such students become responsible members of the society.
Our resolve is to serve the society by minimizing the losses of the students and parents, and taking care of their needs while the ward pursues studies.  Gurmarg Ecucare, a new concept of educational eco-system was born with a vision to help students to achieve their dreams of succeeding in entrance tests with confidence, and with assured success thus helping hopeful families.
Commitment to academic and ethical excellences, are corner stone of our programs.   Usage of technology, modern educational techniques and procedures, overall personal grooming is engrained in our system. All our hand-picked faculty members are result oriented with thorough upto date research and analysis in their respective fields. They inspire and engage students for interactive learning, innovative and precise response planning and continuous ongoing assessment.
We welcome you at Gurmarg Ecucare where each student is challenged to grow to his or her full potential by maximizing his / her own ATM : Attitude – Talent – Motivation. Talent determines what you can do. You Motivation determine how much you are willing to do. Your “Attitude”, the king maker, determines how well you do. At Gurmarg we channelize your own ATM….


Sh. Karanbir Singh Chauhan


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