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Have you ever wonder that what differentiates us from the animals?
The basic thing that differentiates between Animals and Human Beings is our consciousness i.e. the ability to think with reason. Our mind is the main source of our consciousness. After thousands of years of evolution, we have started to know the power of our mind. In the limited span of 5-6 thousand years, we have become one of the most important species to have ever walked on the Earth. This all happened because our mind is a powerhouse of infinite knowledge.
Some people say that their mind is weak or they lack knowledge. We have to know that our mind is like a rough diamond which needs to be polished continuously through perpetual learning and efforts. For the constant development of mind, every country and society has developed their own Education systems. But some education systems across the world like in USA, Finland, Advanced European Countries, etc are successful in producing some of the sharpest minds without putting any burden. While some education systems like in Africa, India, etc are not able to produce the same results. Why this is so?
The basic difference is between the Education Techniques. We focus too much on Rot-e-learning without learning the practical significance of our knowledge. Our students are not encouraged to ask questions and even if they ask some questions they are ridiculed by the teachers. In that process, our study becomes boring and we lose interest. Then, we study just to bring good marks without any practical knowledge. Whereas successful education systems employ some interactive education techniques which strive to arouse the interest of the student in that particular subject. Then, the student wants to learn that thing from the bottom of his heart and is not forced to do so. That’s why, we see so much of their students are engaged in Research and Development and are constantly making new inventions.
We have to learn how our brain works and apply it in our pedagogical techniques. Our brain works great with creative and logical ways. Teachers must teach students how to analyze the things and motivate them to ask questions. The students must be shown the practical significance of their knowledge. Images, flowcharts, diagrams and videos can be used to make the study interesting.
In conclusion, it can be said that we are all born with an infinite powerhouse. There is no such thing as an intelligent or a weak student. All difference lies in the pedagogic skills of the teacher as teacher plays the most important role in the overall shaping of the students. Here, Gurmarg comes into play. It believes in having a student centric approach with the latest pedagogic techniques so that minimum effort is bestowed upon the student with maximum output.